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How many contact numbers for your resume?

Some people have many contact numbers listed on their documents, but what works the best? How many should you have on your cover letter and resume?

The short answer is, whatever works best for you, but we recommend including just one number, with voicemail. Use your cell phone if you have one, that way you have access to the calls anytime of the day.


Why voicemail?

We had a client that called us after a few weeks of job searching and was concerned they were not getting any calls for interviews. We checked the cover letters and resumes she was using, and the job postings she saved, and all checked out. When I called her back, the phone rang and rang. No voicemail.


I emailed her and asked her about her voicemail, and it took a day or so to get back to me as she working rotating shifts and could not get to a computer. She said “it costs too much”. Yikes! Well yes there is a cost, but what was the opportunity cost of not getting a new job! Pay the 5 bucks a month, and cancel when you get a job.


The lesson learned here is although there is a cost to having voicemail, there is a greater cost of not having it, ie. not getting that better paying and overall better job. So save up your quarters and buy and set up your voicemail (we encountered lots of people that forgot to set it up).


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