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Newcomers to the USA/Immigrants

As a newcomer to America you have put great effort into building a new life in your new community and are ready to find a job. 

You have adapted to the American culture and will now set out to find a job in a company who wants you to thrive in their company culture. 

You likely have lots of questions about finding work here. Everything from, “how do I write a resume, cover letter, and fill out a LinkedIn profile for the American application process?” to “should I send a token of appreciation to my interviewer?”

There are no questions that should go unasked! You just need a safe space with a knowledgable professional who understands the delicacy of your transition and has the solutions to make it a smooth one for you. 

Let us help you get prepared for the job search, choose one of our many writing services, or reach out to us today.