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About Us

Your career team at ResumesHouston provides a strategic, results-driven, and powerful return on investment. Our career preparation solutions are used by clients who reside anywhere in the world. We offer a portfolio of career and writing services that will help you get your first job, your next role, or your dream career.

Josh Denomey, BA, HRM (past CHRP and CSC holder) is the owner and lead consultant at ResumesHouston, and has accumulated over twelve years of experience in the career counselling industry, business, and HR. He has experience with numerous industries and sectors (such as government, sales, logistics, technology, telecommunications, service, estate planning, health, and financial). Our company’s service offerings include developing professional resumes and cover letters, building branding and strategy through LinkedIn, and creating unique tools like marketing briefs (for those that need a quick one-page resume-like document). These offerings are immensely important to his clients, who seek and trust his team’s business advice.

Our team

Our team is made up of Career Coaches, Marketing, and IT professionals with diverse, results-driven thinking. They are highly trained and educated professionals, just like our clients. Our goals are all about your success, because when you succeed, our whole team succeeds!

Why work with us?

Our professional writers and expert career coaches have worked in Human Resources (performance management, succession planning, training, and development) and recruiting functions, unlike many of our competitors. 

We understand that having insider knowledge into the recruiting process is much more important than having just a resume writing ‘designation’ which anyone can receive online. We know the quality of work these ‘designation’ companies are producing as we have conducted extensive research. 

Shockingly, one company we sourced actually had a VHS tape on their website! (for those that are unsure of what a VHS tape is, click here). With the lack of quality designation programs out there, we felt the urge to create a solid resume and content writing designation program of our own, which will be launched shortly. The program fills in the blanks that are missing from the companies we researched, and supports our strategies and successes. 

We know how the system works, and happily share this information with our clients. There are aspects to the recruiting process that go beyond the submission of your application, and we have this inside knowledge. Having a resume that looks different then the rest of the pack is key to standing out in a crowd. 

Get an insider on your team, and see how we can make a difference in your next career move!

We have helped professionals in the following categories (but not limited to), and would love to help you!

  • Administration (executive assistant, various occupations)
  • Animal Medicine/Care (veterinarian, dog and pet groomer)
  • Architect (housing, interiors, commercial, restaurant, allotments)
  • Buyer, Sourcing (retail, food, pet food, electrical)
  • Construction (estimator, project coordinator)
  • Dental Health (denturist, dental assistant)
  • Directors (athletics, telecommunications, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fashion, sales, logistics, art)
  • Doctors (ophthalmology, optometry)
  • Education (college professor (healthcare, trades), instructor, ECE, Temporary Hourly Rated (THR), grade school)
  • Engineers (electrical, computer, process, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical, civil, nanotechnology)

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  • Film & Entertainment (production and design assistant, camera operator)
  • Finance/Accounting/Banking (CPA/CA, CGA, CMA, financial planner, personal banker, customer service, payroll coordinator)
  • Firefighters (probationary, mechanic)
  • Government
  • Graphics Design/Marketing (graphic designer, illustrator, artist, logo and branding, coordinator, manager, supervisor)
  • Healthcare (Respiratory Therapist (RT), long term care, Personal Support Workers (PSW), patient transfer service, oncology research assistant, sub-investigator)
  • Human Resources (training, OD, compensation, H&S, advisor, generalist, assistant)
  • IT (program manager, technician, programmer, help desk, analyst)
  • Law and Security/Policing (deputy police chief, detective inspector, staff sergeant, police constable, corrections officer, security guard, private investigator, security and safety officer, communicator)
  • Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution (customs broker, import/export, international, freight forwarding, procurement)
  • Management (directors, managers, supervisors, leads)
  • Media (editor, marketing)
  • Mechanics/Millwrights (310T, 310S, marine and small engine)
  • Nurses (Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), mental health, education)
  • Religion/Spirituality (minister)
  • Retail (food, clothing, telecommunications)
  • Sales (pharmaceutical, automotive, advertising, retail, IT, supply chain, clothing and apparel)
  • Social Services (social worker, addictions support, child and youth worker, general counselling)
  • Trades (electrician, HVAC, oil refinery mechanic)
  • University and College Students (actuary, accounting, finance, arts, IT, engineering, pharmacy, co-op, marketing, international)

Work with us today

Whether you are an established and experienced professional, a new graduate, or a new American, we will create a solution designed just for you. We have a professional yet casual approach that makes this process simple and effective.

Contact one of our educated career coaches today for a free consultation, or sign up for one of our writing services or packages to get going right away.