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Resume Writing

Already have a resume but know it can be better? Don’t know where to even begin when starting your resume? Been in the same position for ages and not looked at your resume for years, or even decades? Whatever your story, we are here to help! We know resumes better than anyone – it’s in our name!

Having a professional, well-written resume is like leaving the house in your best suit or favorite outfit. You feel confident, well prepared, and ready to take on anything! Employers are looking to hire exactly that – confident and capable people. We will help you create a resume that accurately highlights your skills and attributes. This will be one resume that you can be excited about showing to a potential employer!

Not sure if your resume is good enough? We can help make it better! Check out our packages to get started today (Entry, Experienced, or Technical) or for a free resume assessment. Think your resume is OK but need a great cover letter? Review our cover letter services.

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Our Resume Writing Process

Timeline: 4-7 business days, after receiving all client information (ie. answers to our questions, courses etc.)

  1. If you have an existing resume, send it our way! Also provide any supporting documents and information like a job description, or the types of jobs you will be applying for.
  2. After reviewing each point on the resume, we will craft a few interesting questions for you to answer through email. The questions will also help you prepare for your interview; double bonus!
  3. ResumesHouston will review and rewrite most content and will reorganize your resume to showcase your skills and experience. Click here for a sample resume.
  4. Following all internal revisions, we will then send the draft over to you for review, to ensure all content is accurate.
  5. Based on your feedback, we will make any necessary edits and send your newly polished, well-crafted resume back to you. It’s officially ready to be submitted to perspective employers!
  6. With your new professional resume in hand, we can move on to the next project item – cover letter, LinkedIn writing, etc. – if needed.

Have more questions? We may have the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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